Boris’ eye watering trade plan to panics desperate EU leaders

BORIS JOHNSON will bring forward crucial legislation to protect UK businesses from foreign countries as he rejects the EU’s calls for a “level playing field”.

Mr Johnson will bring forward his Trade Bill this month which will include measures to stop foreign countries from gaining an unfair advantage from their exports as the UK moves forward away from EU regulations. According to Politico, the bill will include a Trade Remedies Authority to stop foreign countries exporting low-quality goods to the UK in order to protect British trade. There are fears in Brussels the UK will drop taxes and turn into a “Singapore-on-Thames” style economy. The idea was first put forward by Philip Hammond who insisted a low-tax and lightly regulated economy could encourage the EU to do a favourable deal with the UK.

Dominic Raab also arrived in Australia on Thursday as the Foreign Secretary confirmed the UK will be looking to agree one of its more high-profile free trade deals.

Mr Raab met with his Australian counterpart, Marise Payne where he discussed the UK’s intent to sign a deal and the recent decision over Huawei.

He also revealed the pair had agreed to find opportunities for engagement in the Indo-Pacific region.

Mr Raab said: “We’ve recommitted today to launch negotiations on an ambitious free trade agreement between our countries as soon as possible.

“Australia would hopefully be part of that first wave of high-priority deals that we´re pursuing.

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